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If you think that you were discriminated against when you tried to rent an apartment, in how you were treated as a renter, or when you were interested in buying a home, you may contact the following agencies:

•  Housing Opportunities Made Equal (HOME ) Tel: 716-854-1400

•  US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Tel: 716-551-5755

•  The New York State Division of Human Rights Tel: 716-847-7632

•  Neighborhood Legal Services Tel: 716-847-0650

•  City of Buffalo Fair Housing Officer Tel: 716-851-4212

If you think that you have a “predatory” loan, (e.g. excessive or unfair terms that you feel puts you at a disadvantage to repay the loan), and you are in default on the loan or are in foreclosure, you may contact the Buffalo Don't Borrow Trouble Project Hot line at ( 716) 854-7625 or 1-888-375-0408

If you are in the housing industry – e.g. an owner, site manager, maintenance worker, leasing agent, real estate broker or other – and want more information on why it makes sense for you to know more about fair housing, you may contact:

•  US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Tel: 716-551-5755

•  Housing Opportunities Made Equal (HOME) Tel: 716-854-1400

•  NYS Division of Housing & Community Renewal Tel: 518-474-6157

•  Buffalo Commission on Citizens' Rights and Community Relations Tel: 851-8000

•  Brownstone Publishers, Inc. Tel: 1-800-643-8095

Other Links:

Housing Resources for People with Intellectual/Developmental Disablilities

•  National Fair Housing Advocate Online

•  The Community Reinvestment Coalition of North Carolina

•  The National Community Reinvestment Coalition

•  The Association for the Advancement of Retired Persons (AARP)

•  Town of Amherst - keyword "community"

•  Town of Cheektowaga

•  Town of Hamburg and Town of Hamburg Fair Housing Law and Community Development

•  Town of Tonawanda

•  Belmont Housing Buffalo NY

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Dots - A Fair Housing Tale
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Illustrator: Anwar Morse
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